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edit (10/31): due to an overwhelming response from my supporters, we have exceeded bandcamp's monthly bandwidth cap. to circumvent this and keep the momentum alive, i've uploaded the album to my mediafire account.

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singularity is a soulful blend of hip-hop and jazz, and the distillation of the transformativeness in my recent life.

the style of the album is inevitably a synthesis of all my big inspirations: nujabes, yngwie malmsteen, motoi sakuraba, yoko kanno, and the list goes on. for those unfamiliar, the album carries some serious overtones of both jazz and hip-hop (big nod to nujabes), though i've injected much of my own flavor into the mix. there is a touch of electronica. and the gratuitous guitar solo.

as far as donations go, i am accepting them via paypal at if you have the heart, and more importantly the means to do so, you have my sincerest thanks. however, another (if not the most significant) way you can pay me back is by simply spreading the word! if you use facebook, invite all your friends to the event in the link below! the album is 100% free, so pick a copy up for yourself, your mother, and your significant other.

much love and God bless,
peter kim/in theory

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released October 31, 2011


credits (in order of appearance)
peter kim: sole composer, performer, and producer

juan medrano: mastering engineer and producer

alexander preuss: album artist

phil cho: graphic designer

my deepest thanks to my lord Jesus Christ, for my parents john and young kim who are my constant in a perpetually changing world, my sisters sarah and emily who demonstrate unconditional love on a daily basis, my grandparents jae and keun ko whose wise words i will forever hold dear to my heart, the costantinos who are a second family to me, ravi zacharias through whose ministry i've been ineffably blessed, my boys song lee and ladell sumpter who reflect the essence of camaraderie, juan "sixto" medrano who helped me in such a critical capacity by undertaking the mastering of this album, alexander preuss who so generously extended his exquisite body of work to me in my quest to obtain the perfect album art, phil cho who lent me his immense artistic talent in the design of my logo, overclocked remix and the people there i've crossed paths with, and everyone who was a part of the process, big or small. i am so blessed to have you all in my life.



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in theory Centreville, Virginia

i like volumes that are multiples of five

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Track Name: godspeed (feat. shing02)
yeah, sharp like an edge of a samurai sword
the mental blade cut through flesh and bone
though my mind's at peace, the world out of order
missing the inner heat, life gets colder
oh yes, i have to find my path
no less, walk on earth, water and fire
the elements compose a magnum opus
my modus operandi is amalgam/

verse 1:
/steel packed tight in micro
chip on my armor a sign of all-pro
the ultimate reward is honor not awards
at odds with the times in wars with no lords, a freelancer
a battle cry of a hawk make a dove fly and a tear dry
wonder why a lone wolf don't run with a klan
only trust your instincts and be one with the plan

some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battle cry

some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battle cry

verse 2:
look, just the air around him
an aura surrounding the heir apparent
he might be a peasant but shine like grand royalty
he to the people and land, loyalty
we witness above all to hear this,
sea sickness in the ocean of wickedness
set sail to the sun set no second guessing
far east style with the spirit of wild west

the quote-unquote "code" stands the test of
time for the chosen ones to find the best of
noble minds that ever graced the face of
a hemisphere with no fear, fly over
the blue yonder where
the sky meets the sea
and eye meets no eye
and boy meets world
and became a man to serve the word
to save the day, the night, and the girl too

a battle cry
a battle cry
a battle cry

some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battle cry

some days, some nights
some live, some die
in the way of the samurai
some fight, some bleed
sun up to sun down
the sons of a battle cry

a battle cry
a battle cry
Track Name: duality (feat. bruce lee)
this is what it is, okay? i said empty your mind. be formless, shapeless. like water. now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. you put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. now water can flow, or it can crash. be water my friend.
Track Name: luv (sic) part 5 (feat. james earl jones, shing02) (rest in peace)
let me explain. when we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. and so, we are all connected in the great circle of life.

'till death do us apart, and it did
come sudden like clouds, and it hid my sun,
my truth heavier than imagined, a lid die-cast in lead
on our lives we nourished
and the days we cherished as kids
we let them whizz on by, but when i rewind
your smile is the only thing that comes to mind
your smile is the only thing that shines

verse 1:
in your last breath you told me, that you had to go
'cause it pained you so,
oh i loved you so much so
was i selfish to hold on,
and cling on to your body that hosts a soul
that wanted to set free the eagle in a cage
and you became eagerly what i wanted to be
you the person to leave, i the person
to see off another best friend to land's end
i watched grown men moan, and women weep
as you quietly descended six feet deep
but the spirit ascended before our wet eyes
a gift from God, returned to sender
though i like to pretend that this never happened
i can turn around and see you laughing
but the fact is you could never practice
getting blind-sided and eating the wind shield
endless field of shards of glass
this too shall pass, but reality bites, it says not so fast
first you must climb a calvary of shattered hopes
and then a mountain of prayers unheard
'till you reach that peak where you can see the dark abyss below
then you let me know if you have what it takes for a leap of faith
i had to say, hell no, heaven yes, but not yet
please bless a forehead, cold in a bed
or alone on the road with nobody to hold
when the pouring rain is too much to bear
it's a reason to live for a seed that needs care
whether a tree lives to see the end of centuries
or a random hand picks it instantly
life is art, a miracle for all to believe,
i must tell you that you lived beautifully


verse 2:
now i hit this stage in honor of you,
how's the other side, i bet it's a splendid view
no more stress for rent, or to make ends
collide in a cocktail, shame with envy
i can hide behind lens that block the UV
looking in from the outside the bowl is murky
the toll for the bridge is rising
weatherman says storm, city hall is burning
same ol' chaos, gotta shut my cell like i'm waiting to take off
on the runway, scoping out the window
the moisture covers the sight though
telling myself it's just another day in the life of a starving artist
trying to paint a dream you woke from,
chasing the departed
we used to hang by the banks to see who can skip a stone the farthest
what i thought was a stream is now an ocean
no such thing as an extreme to show devotion
to your craft, which i didn't know the half
tried to knock down your door and caught the backdraft
and a whiplash, all in reverse
then i finally stood up and said, we reserve the right to serve anyone
and on the same note you deserve the best of the most fun
by the way i got your letter, you said you were fed up
well i second that and I reckon that you tried
so i don't place a blame that you took the fifth,
and the first flight out of town, into the mist
your smile is the only thing that comes to mind
your smile is the only thing that shines
your smile is the only thing that comes to mind
your smile is the only thing that shines

Track Name: fingerprints of the maker (feat. ravi zacharias, verbal)
john polkinghorn, professor of quantum theory at cambridge, in one of his books makes this comment, "if you examine the early relationship between expansion and contraction forces in the early picoseconds of the universe, you will see that the exactitude was so precise that the margin of error and the precision required would be like taking aim at a one square inch object, 20 billion light years away on the other end of the universe, and hitting that bullseye." do you know what a picosecond is? a picosecond is the time it takes something traveling at the speed of light to cross the distance of a hair's breadth.